Take out a payday loan

The payday loan offers the possibility to borrow money once, for example for a large expense that you wish to do. Buy a new car, renew the kitchen or book a special holiday? The payday loan is well suited for this. Our advisors can outline the advantages and disadvantages of this type of credit, if desired in relation to the revolving credit that is available there.

Low interest for payday loan

Low interest for personal loan

Leenattent provides the lowest interest rate in the Netherlands for a payday loan. It means an advantageous credit based on a fixed interest rate. The fixed interest rate ensures, just like the fixed term with this type of credit, that you experience a high degree of certainty. The low interest rate makes the payday loan a cost-effective choice, for example when you want to make a large expense and also want to keep some savings behind. Thanks to this type of credit, you know exactly where you stand, we prevent you from paying too high interest for this.

Features and benefits

Features and benefits

The payday loan has a fixed interest rate and a fixed term. The big advantage of this is that a fixed monthly installment is created, which we can simply calculate for you in advance. Curious as to what the credit will cost you during the term in the various months? This is easy to calculate, so that you can check in advance whether you can continue to pay the payday loan now and in the future. You know exactly where you stand, after using a one-off loan you use the term to repay the loan in steps. Moreover, nowadays you generally have the option to repay additional fine within the payday loan.

Free advice for a payday loan

Free advice for a personal loan

Want to know more about the payday loan? Our advisors can advise you on this free of charge. We are also happy to provide a no-obligation quote, on the basis of which you can easily identify the costs. What does the loan cost you during the first months and how will the costs develop during the term? These are questions we can answer to you. Want to know more about the payday loan or ask specific questions to our advisors? Contact us online, call us or start a live chat with one of our financial specialists.

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